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Welcome to Chess Master Connections!

Chances are you are already familiar with the many benefits that come with children who learn to play the game of chess. Few other activities offer such a terrific opportunity for kids to develop high level critical thinking, strategic planning and spacial logic and reasoning skills. The game also provides ample opportunity for children to develop their personal character as they learn to win with humility and to lose with grace and the personal resolve to learn from the loss and come back to win again.

Chess Master Connections delights in the opportunity to teach kids how to play the game and to watch them grow in confidence, experience, and character. We provide a multitude of offerings to meet the needs of parents, schools and children. Whether you are interested in bringing chess to your child’s school, obtaining private instruction, sending your child to camp, or participating in a tournment, Chess Master Connections has an offering for you!

To learn more about CMC’s offerings, please contact Yaneth Zamora by calling 401-598-7984.  We would be delighted to customize a program to meet the needs of your child.